e-Water FAQs

1. What is Ewater Harmoniser?

e-Water Harmoniser (EWH) is a physical water treatment device which is charged with energy that comes from imitating the natural flow pattern but although EWH clears memories and energies from water, it does not remove anything from water. It does something better. Instead of a filter that is designed to catch a limited scope of substances, EWH replicates nature’s design to address toxins in water by changing the toxin’s molecular structure, or more technically, their hydrogen bond angle. This structural change, neutralises the toxin's effect in the body and increases hydration, increases agricultural yield and soil fertility, gives the best solution for hard water. EWH is the permanent solution for the hard water problems. EWH is the best known anti scaling device. It's can also be called as a natural water treatment device.

2. How does it work and what is the science behind it?

EWH is designed to force the water to flow spirally creating vortex in the unit thus breaking down the bigger water clusters to small clusters with high energy. Physical conditioning is a well-known process to decrease and remove the built up of scale. Turbulence is created as well. This turbulence causes the breakdown of macro water clusters with low energy to high energy micro clusters. This results in the fall of surface tension of water. Surface tension is dropped by more than 50%. Borewell water has ST of 70-72 dyne/cc, it is dropped to 40-42 dynes/cc after passing thru the unit.

Compression and mixing of the Stern layer and changes to the waters of hydration (particularly for the carbonate ion) are the main theories put forward. The result appears to be the enabling of the homogeneous aragonite crystalline form rather than heterogeneous calcite. Aragonite is known to be a smaller and less tenacious scale than calcite. Reduction in the surface tension of water makes it more wettable.

Scale Prevention

Physical Water treatment devices can prevent scale formation without the addition of salt. Devices that alter the way ions interact in water without the addition of chemicals are called physical water treatment devices. Most physical water treatment devices work on the principal of scale prevention by the formation of microscopic crystals in water. As water passes through the physical water treatment device, soluble calcium is converted to microscopic calcium carbonate crystals. Scale formation tends to occur on surfaces, particularly on crevices and other irregularities where the formation of calcium carbonate crystals has the lowest formation energy. Microscopic crystals that remain suspended provide a low formation energy surface for crystal growth. As water enters a scale forming environment, suspended microscopic crystals provide a surface for crystal growth and scale prevention can occur.

3. Does it require any maintenance?

EWH Is a maintenance free device. EWH units are designed to self cleanse. They do not alter the water chemically. No deposits from water occur in the device. Water is the only moving part in the device. Hence the unit lasts long enough without any maintenance.

4. Does it effect the flow rate?

EWH does not reduce the flow rate. No water is accumulated in the device.

5. Where it can be installed?

EWH can be installed anywhere in the pipe line. However it is beneficial to install the unit either at the input of sump or the overhead tank. For STP/ ETP EWH is to be installed at the outlet. In agricultural fields EWH can be installed to the output line of the Bore well. For swimming pool it is advised to install the unit inline with the recirculating pump.

6. Will the water become soft?

It makes the water physically soft not chemically. The amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium decides whether the water is soft or hard. High percentages of calcium and magnesium makes the water hard. EWH unit does not alter the presence of calcium or magnesium in water chemically. Hence the unit does not make water soft chemically. However due to the reduction of surface tension and the other scientific process involved it does make the water soft physically. Also the feel of the water is good.

7. Where does the calcium or magnesium go?

EWH unit is physical water processing unit. It does not alter the presence of calcium and magnesium directly. However the scientific process does form the micro calcium carbonate crystals within the water. The calcium and the magnesium are still present in the water but in different forms.

8. Does the TDS/ TSS decrease

EWH unit being a physical water treatment device does not alter the dissolved solids in the water. Hence the TDS value of the water remain unchanged.

9. Does it have any affect on different test parameters like ph, conductivity etc.,

EWH unit being the physical water treatment device has very slight effect on the ph of the water. The ph is slightly alkaline. This is due to the effect on the carbonate ions.

10. What is the life of the unit?

EWH units are designed to self cleanse. They do not alter the water chemically. No deposits from water occur in the device. Water is the only moving part in the device. Hence the unit lasts long enough without any maintenance. EWH Is a maintenance free device. The unit is being in use for more than 25 years in US. It can be considered a lifetime unit, but still we give a life of 25 years.

11. Is there any water wastage?

EWH unit does not have water wastage. It is zero drop water wastage. No backwash is required.

12. What is the effect of this treated water on health, hair and skin?

This benefit of water is subjective. EWH unit improves the health of an individual. The water from the unit has more stable oxygen, aerobic condition which reduces the effect of anaerobic bacteria. This water has lower surface tension, upto 42 dynes/ cc which is easily absorbed by the cells. This water also has the toxic memory neutralised in it. Overall it is a high energy water which supports the living organism. This water keeps the skin moist, use of moisturiser is reduced. Water is soft, hence it rinses the hair very well. Keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

In addition, none of the information provided is intended as medical advice. If you have concerns about your health, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical professional.

13. Does it improve the taste?

Most of our customers have reported that the water tastes good, feels soft and more palatable. This is subjective to individuals. Remember, if you have chlorine in your water and you structure it, chlorine gas is lighter than water and heavier than air. So after structuring and organising, chlorine gas will rise to the surface of your glass of water so you may smell it and taste it. A solution would be to blow on the surface of the water or fill the container till it overflows. Depending on the amount of chlorine added to the source you may have to allow your water to set for a few minutes before consuming.

14. Is the water treated with EWH unit potable?

If the source water qualifies to be potable then the water thru our unit is also potable. However presence of coliform and e coli in the water does not make the water potable. Hence we do not recommend drinking such water.

15. Any thing to change in future?

Yes, only water. Water will change in future if it is not taken care now. Our unit remains functional for a long period. We may only change the design to suite the customer needs.

16. Is there any research to validate the process involved?

Yes, there are many research and scientific study to validate the process. Ours being the physical water treatment device has a scientific approach. Many thesis have been submitted validating the function. Many of them are available in the public domain.There is the GDV machine which acts like an advanced aura camera that takes pictures of the energy of the water. The structured water that we are promoting has the highest energy flow so far of any of the waters out there, including R/O, other filters, and other things claiming to be structured. I’m sure there are other ways of measuring structure, but we, the general populace, don’t have access to them yet.

17. Since how long it is been in use?

This science has been in use since 25 years in many parts of US. They have been using this for agriculture, domestic and in industrial usages. We have introduced this in India since 3 years. After successful R & D now our units are available for use.

18. What effect does it have on the environment?

As this is the natural water, with out the intervention of chemicals and no chemical properties of the water changes, our unit produces water which is congruent with nature. It improves the water utilisation to the best. The water which is let off to the sewage is also good. Ultimately the environment is benefited. Water loss is nil.

19. Can we drink this water directly?

First the water has to be potable. If the water passes the test then yes, you can drink this water directly. If the water TDS is below 500 ppm, you may consume it. But if it is beyond 500 ppm RO would be recommended. However to be more safe it is better to pass the water thru UV and consume.

20. Where all this unit can be used?

EWH unit can be used in multiple locations for multiple needs.

A. It an be used in houses, apartments, villas as an anti scaling agent.
B. In industries it can be used in STP and ETP plants.
C. It can be used in agriculture for better yield with less water and pesticides & fertilisers.
D. It can be used in the poultry and dairy.
E. It can be used in the swimming pools which reduces the chlorine administration.
F. It can be used in lakes.

21. Is it a filter / softener?

EWH unit is neither filter nor a softner. It is a physical water treatment device. It is a harmoniser which balances the water materially and energetically.

22. How to test/ check if your unit is working?

We can use a tensiometer to check the water surface tension. There is the GDV machine which acts like an advanced aura camera that takes pictures of the energy of the water. The structured water that we are promoting has the highest energy flow so far of any of the waters out there, including R/O, other filters, and other things claiming to be structured. I’m sure there are other ways of measuring structure, but we, the general populace, don’t have access to them yet.

The best validation is done by you, by allowing the water to make the changes on your taps and faucets.

23. What happens to the existing scales on taps, heaters etc?

EWH unit has the unique feature of descaling. It removes the existing scaling on taps and the heaters. It forms the Argonite, which is caco3 but does not bind to the surface.

24. Does it reduce the bacteria in water. Will it affect algae, fungi growth?

EWH unit increase the stable oxygen in water. It changes the anaerobic condition to aerobic. This reduced the effect of anaerobic bacteria to a great extent. How ever the changes are improved to great extent when the water is recirculated thru the unit like in swimming pools, ETP, STP etc. This water does not support the growth of algae and fungi.

25. Does it change the colour of water?

In few of the places we have noticed colour change. Water which was muddy earlier, changed to clear after the pass. This can be attributed to the refractive index of the water after structuring. However this was subjective. We don't have concrete data to comment on the colour change.

26. Does it remove the smell from water?

EWH unit reduces the unfavourable odour in water. Increase in the stable oxygen in water improves the aeration condition within. Reduction in odour an be observed with one pass. It can well be observed on recirculating the water they our unit.

27. What effect does it have on chlorine, fluorine and other chemicals in water?

EWH unit reduces the toxic effect of chlorine, fluorine, iron, nitrates etc. In the water. Though they remain in the water physically, the toxic memory of the minerals are neutralised.

28. How much water can be processed thru this unit in a given time?

Our unit is dependant on the size of the pipe. It does not depend on the amount of water flowing. It should be made sure that the water passes thru our unit. Unlimited water can be processed without any loss I the flow rate.

29. Can I shift the unit if I change my house?

EWH units for the domestic usage ( home & home plus) can be shifted to new location.

30. In what duration will we be able to see a noticeable change after installing the device?

Once EWH unit is installed the water is processed immediately. However if there is stored water in the overhead tank or sump it may take 2 to 3 days for us to observe the change. The descaling on the taps can be seen from 7 - 15 days. Changes in The taste and the odour of the water can seen immediately once water passes thru our unit, but this is subjective.

31. Can this unit be added along with the SOFTENERS or the RO?

EWH unit is an immediate replacement to water SOFTENERS. However depending on the hardness of the water, usage of RO along with our unit can be decided. The life of the RO is enhanced once used with our unit. Our unit has good beneficial results in the DM plants.

32. Is there a specific way the installation of the unit to be done?

Installation of our unit is very easy. Only thing to look for is the direction. The unit has to be fixed in horizontal position . This is the most favourable direction. Our units are bidirectional. If this is not possible the unit can be installed vertically, but water has to flow from top to down only, with gravity.

33. If I test the water coming from one of your machines, how will it perform using a test for chlorine and/or fluoride

More than likely there will be no difference before and after because you will be using conventional chemistry. Chemistry looks at the physical presence of materials; what is in the water is still in the water. However when the water is structured these materials are organised, structured, and their electromagnetic – chemical structure is changed. Chemistry will not see the difference. We are talking about physics. To see the change and measure this you need an Infrared Mass spectroscopy unit. Then the structure can be viewed down to the nano or molecular level.

34. Once the water passes thru the unit, how long does it stay structured, how long does it have high energy. If it is left unused for long period of time what happens to the water?

The duration Structured Water remains structured depends upon its surroundings in the moment. Direct sunlight 7 to ten days but if it is indoors or covered it will stay structured for a time depending on its surroundings. If the energy in its field of influence is detrimental to life, it will correct this energy to the fullest extent of its ability and once saturated will fall back. If the energy is enlivening and life-giving it will last a very long time. But we suggest to utilise water before 7 days.

35. What should be the force of water which has to pass thru the unit?

Water has to pass thru the unit at a reasonable force for favourable results. The pump pressure is enough to attain that. When fixed to the output of the overhead tank, the gravity force also is sufficient.

36. Can the device be inserted in water either in sump or overhead tank. If yes what precaution should be taken?

Yes, the unit can be installed in such a way that it is immersed in water. It gives favourable results by continuously harmonising the water. However there is very chance that the water can go back to its source. Hence the unit has to installed along with a NRV so that the water does not retreat back.

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